9th January 2011

I told Jenny and Katie the news today and they were both in shock. Now that close family know I don't see any reason not to tell everyone else. Having said that I haven't put it on Facebook yet. They can wait.

Agnieszka was suggesting that I join a sperm bank LOL. She wasn't joking either I don't think. She was looking on the internet and found one in Berlin where you go every 14 days for a year and they pay 110 euro per session!!! Good money but I can't see me tossing myself off in some seedy office with a German Razzle or Escort in front of me.

We set off to the football about a hour too early. I worked out all the train times wrong because the kick off was at 1.30pm but I'd forgotten it was 2.30pm in Berlin time. Anyway we found Belushi's Bar to watch the game. I can't say I was too impressed with the place. Come to think of it I wasn't impressed with the score, people in there or the rest of the day if I'm being honest. Liverpool lost 1-0 to a controversial penalty after just 1 minute. Steven Gerrard was sent off too which again was very very harsh. Liverpool played quite well and certainly deserved at least a draw. Agnieszka said 1-0 is a good score. How a 1-0 loss and being knocked out of the cup can ever be a good score I don't know. I think she was trying to make me feel better. One of the Man Utd fans asked me if I had a problem after I looked at him when he was slagging Liverpool off. That was the turning point for me. I saw red and just wanted to hit him after that. Agnieszka stopped me from starting anything though. I was the only Liverpool fan there. There were about 12 Man Utd fans around me, cockneys, Irish, southerners, but no one from Manchester.

After a bad journey home with me and Agnieszka arguing about the future and work which escalated into the house I was glad the day was over. I was getting fed up of the arguing and so took the sheepskin blanket and said I was sleeping in the kitchen. I woke up about 1am and sneaked back into bed because the heating had gone off and I was freezing and the tile floor is not the comfiest of mattresses.  This was just one of them bad days which could so easily have gone the other way. Roll on tomorrow!!!

Belushi's Bar

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