15th January 2011

O.k. so I went to the stable today. It was great to get out and see the horses, especially Maximool. I got a nice video of him and Baron having a play in the paddock biting each other in fun.  I was pleased to be home though as a headache started.

I received four letters when I got home...four!!! No one sends me letters, Agnieszka only got one from Postbank saying she can't have a bank account with them yet until she sends them a form back. They must have found some dodgy past credit or something. I on the other hand got a bank card and a credit card with my pin numbers and Internet banking set up. LOL. They obviously didn't check my credit rating too well ha ha ha.

Agnieszka made a lovely pork escallops and some kind of broccoli and spinach bakes. After that and being very full we even spent some time looking at German baby names. We will never settle on a name. This baby is destined to be called 'It'.  She liked Kay as a boys name (no chance) and Rita for a girl (never), and I liked Adolf for a laugh or Fernando for the Liverpool football connection. The only name we both liked was Charlie. I think we have about seven months to come up with something yet. We would both like something a little different, any suggestions then please let me know. I don't really want an English name. It might be nice to have a foreign name.

I finished my packet of cigs today and have stopped again. I say stopped, I'm still puffing on the ends in my ashtray which are all but gone now but I haven't bought any and am not intending on buying any.

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