11th January 2011

Ggggrrrrhhhhh I'm so mad!!!! I have no events to tell you of today, no excitement. Just a day of being ignored after the pettiest of arguments last night.  This time its because she says I love the computer more than her!! LOL. SHE was on the computer not me. I asked if we could make the bed up so I could lie down and she had a mini outburst saying I was mad because she had the computer and then sulked into her side of the bed. Early night.

The last time I had a day like this was my birthday. Yes Agnieszka managed to ruin that for me too. Today turned into one of them days with Agnieszka coming home at 12, saying hello, me returning a hello and then silence for the rest of the day. I am bloody sick of it. This went on till bedtime and if its to be the same tomorrow then so be it, I am not backing down when I have done nothing wrong.

Ironically, who spent the day on the computer? Yes Agnieszka! I sat finishing my Anne Frank Diaries book. I read all day and my eyes really hurt by the time I got my head down.

Fingers crossed to a better day tomorrow and she sees sense because I can keep this up for the next 9 months if I really have to!! Gggrrrhhhh!!!!!!

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