12th January 2011

Well just when it couldnt get any worse it actually has. We spent the entire day just as we did yesterday without speaking. I tell a lie, Agnieszka did mutter a couple of words. I got a "hello" when she walked in from the stables and a "theres food in the kitchen if you want it". I didn't reply to either. I've had it with the small talk. There's food in the kitchen! She's even taken to eating in there alone now. I pretty much did without food yesterday, just grabbing a couple of couassants and some biscuits and today I managed a sandwich this afternoon and finished the biscuits. I didn't eat the food she made. The way I see it is she only made enough for me because that is how much she had to make, then she ate hers first before coming and telling me mine was there. It will have been cold by then and was still in the pan!!

So no. I am not budging today. same routine with me learning a few German words followed by an afternoon and evening of reading. I'm onto a John Grisham book now 'The Innocent Man'. It's a true story which surprised me. I've read the Firm and The Client by him. I enjoyed The Firm. It wasn't the kind of thing I'd usually read and the film was a let down but it was very well written. I waded through 179 pages today. I'm enjoying it under the circumstances.

Agnieszka finished the night with a tantrum. She was getting mad with the computer, I think because the internet wasn't working. I had my back to her and she started slamming it quite hard on top of the table. Something sounded as though it broke and fell on the floor and she stormed into the kitchen and had a good cry. I would find out tomorrow morning that it was the internet dongle that she'd broken. NO INTERNET!!!!! Well thats it. What the hell else have I got out here apart from my 3 hours on the internet in a morning?

Very early night. I think I was asleep by 9.30pm. Agnieszka was watching films...on the internetless laptop.

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