14th January 2011

I think we have a break through!!! :-)

During the night I turned and put my arm around Agnieszka, completely by accident I might add, and after a few exchanged words (I vaguely remember her saying she's just stressed and us both saying we love each other), which were said whilst I was still half asleep. What ever happened, and for whatever reason and way it happened, it seems to have done the trick. Lets just hope it continues when she gets back from the stables today.

I got a letter printed out and ready to send to the tax office back in England this morning. They owe me big time!! I was on emergency tax for two and a half years before I moved over here and am still waiting for a nice amount of cash back.  I sent them all the paperwork they need at the end of October, just as I was moving here to Germany and presumed all would be sorted out and the money put into my bank account.  Not a sausage!!!!  It's very annoying because we really need that money now. I'm expecting about 2,000 pounds off them but to be honest I'd settle for 500 at the moment. Just give me my money!!!!!!!!!

I had a dream last night. One which has to be documented in case it comes true and everyone starts to think of me as the next Nostradamus and I become famous! Ok basically, I saw World War III. It was the world against Russia. I'm calling it a world war but I don't remember China getting involved. Basically Russia took over the whole of the middle east and all of Europe apart from France and England. America, Britain and, believe it or not, France, fought them back from the south of France. The allies then took southern Germany, Italy and all of the southern middle east back before doing a u turn and taking all the north back too. After taking every country back it was decided not to invade Russia but just pinned them back to their country for good.  There, I had to tell you that to guarantee my future fame and fortune. :-P

I found out prostitution is legal in Germany!! Shocked!! It is in Poland too apparently. I thought it was just Holland where it was legal. It was on a website I follow called local.de where they tell the German news in English. It's a great site that I look at every day. It was saying that prostitutes were branching out and starting to sell themselves as a kind of home service for old people who are just lonely and are willing to pay a prostitute just to visit them and sit and talk to them for a hour. What a great idea, good luck to them I say.

It seems Agnieszka hasn't got health insurance and so this baby could prove to be very expensive. We are looking around and trying to get insurance at the last minute to save on costs. Sussie rang one doctor for us and they wanted between 200 and 500 euros just for the first appointment!!! That is disgusting!! It's easy to take the health care for granted in England where everything is free. We may have found a solution but will have to wait and see.

Sussie was here again and everyone got on well today. We discussed getting me a job. One option was to just deliver junk mail or papers or something door to door for 600 euro per month. There were no positions available in this area though so back to square one. Then Agnieszka decided that me learning German was vital and a must so she called a friend who is a language teacher and asked if she could give me private lessons. We will wait to see what she says, failing that it looks like I might have to go on an intensive one month course for about 1000 euro. Whichever way I'm quite excited because I desperately want to speak the language.

Lots of other subjects came up such as getting a car next week, going on holiday in Croatia in May, Eileen's car breaking down and having to be sold for parts, oh and marriage!!! LOL LOL Agnieszka keeps mentioning us getting married. She can but try. Been there, done that and worn the tee shirt. I don't think I'll ever make the same mistake twice.

I had an email from my English contact lens company saying they are sending my prescription to my mums address to send on to me. Then I can order some online here in Germany and finally start getting out of the house every day :-).

I enjoyed today, everything is good again.

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