10th January 2011

Well what a start to the day. I woke up this morning, went to blow my nose and blood was all over the place. Its because of the cold I've had which has almost gone now. I've just been blowing my nose so often and so hard that I'm causing nose bleeds now and again. Nothing to worry about but my sinuses are all over the place and quite sore at times. 

I went to the stables today which made a nice change. I think the fresh air did me good and helped to minimise my hangover. I met young Max who seemed like a nice lad. He usually works on Saturdays there but is there for a month through the week now as some kind of work placement from school. He's only 14 or 15.  We walked a few horses but couldn't have any of them in the paddocks because it was just too icy. Its a risk that can't be taken because just one slip and the horse could break down. I walked Fuxy (It's Swedish Streak really but we call him Fuxy as a nickname which means chestnut) and she was slipping all over the place and with every slip she panicked. No injuries though.  The ice is melting slowly and I'm surprised at how much snow has gone. The temperatures really are quite high for this time of year at about 8 degrees celcius. 

Agnieszka and me then went on to open a Post Bank account. My first German bank account!! I just had to sneak a video in the post office for this blog, it must have been the smallest post office in the entire world at about 10ft X 10ft. We think we are entitled to 75 euro each for opening the accounts which is a starter offer they were advertising which ends today. Fingers crossed for that.

We had a tidy up and a yummy tuna pasta before Iris and Pavel came for a drink this evening. Iris is German and Pavel is Czech, neither speak any English. I tell a lie, Pavel does know how to say 'suck my dick', but that's all. It was just a few drinks that's all. My only involvement in any conversation was when they were trying to get me to sell my sperm again. It ain't happening people!! LOL

Mist over the race course.


Pixie playing with Johnny the horses toy. She bit the handle off.

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