16th January 2011

Well what can I say. Today we did absolutely nothing and just bummed around having a lovely lazy day.

We had a flood down in the basement again today, thats the second in a month. This time it was quite bad though. Everyone with an apartment in this block has a storage area down in the basement and the water was seeping in to everyones stored boxes. Ours was floating in it but luckily most of our things are in suitcases and raised out of the water. I did find a box full of VHS tapes and music c.d's which was starting to get wet so I took that upstairs to have a look through. There was nothing special in there worth watching so I wish I hadn't have bothered. I did my bit to try and soak up some of the water whilst lazy git stayed in bed on the laptop.

I cooked dinner too! Fajita's!!! Well, fajita filling with rice. Very nice as always and plenty left for me tomorrow. Agnieszka can't have any tomorrow because she's being good and following all the food guidelines for pregnant women. One of them things is not to have reheated chicken so its all mine :-).

I finished my book 'An Innocent Man'. It really moved me, the best book I have read in a long time. I looked the  book and the people mentioned in it up on the internet and was delighted to find it's coming out as a film this year...now that will be good! I also found some of the people from the book on Facebook and sent them friend requests for the laugh. I wonder how many will accept.

We started watching Twelve Monkeys which was one of the films I found in the cellar but I got bored and fell asleep. Yet another half watched film to add to the hundreds throughout my life.

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