18th January

Ok the flood got out of hand! I had to empty our storage area this morning because everything was getting ruined. About ten trips up and down from the basement and I managed to get everything into our apartment and neatly away until we can sort through it. The landlord, or housemeister as they call them over here was trying to sort it out today and called a plumber in but from what I'm hearing it's how the building was built and theres little chance of them sorting it out properly. Thank god we will be out of here soon otherwise I might just give a toss.

I managed a really good tidy and clean today and the place looks immaculate. I can't live in mess and feel better knowing it's getting the Daniel touch at long last. 

I cocked up with the whole smoking thing today :-(. I just can't do it. Not yet anyway. I'll keep the cigs to a minimum and try stopping again soon. 

We found another film to watch tonight which I didn't recognise in the cupboard at first because the title was in Spanish but it was an all time classic, The Shining! Or at least I seem to remember it was a classic and told Agnieszka it was because she's never seen it. In reality, after watching it, the only description I can come up with right now is a complete and utter bag of crap. I can't believe how bad it was!! We must have been easily entertained back in the 80's to appreciate that toilet content. I never did like Jack Nicholson films and now I remember why. That movie is never going to waste 2 hours of my life again...that's a promise.

I'm getting on quite well with this blog and am almost ready to publish it around the various sites. I have Nikola working on a header for me and still have a few ideas to improve the look and content but overall it's certainly up to a readable level. If I can keep it up for the whole year I'll definately have enough content to work on for my ultimate idea. I want a book out of it. Not necessarily a book to publish, but a book for my child to read in years to come. A book to help him/her understand what our lives were all about when they were born.

I've made a right mess of my nose. Agnieszka told me I had a spot on it yesterday so I stupidly tried scratching it off. I didn't manage it but I did manage to scrape a one inch piece of flesh away, make it bleed and put me in the running for the casting of a modern day version of The Elephant Man!! Gggrrrhhhh, I can be  stupid sometimes....more than most LOL.

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