17th January 2011

Spring is in the air! A lovely day with almost all of the snow gone now. Even the big piles have melted which surprised me. I took advantage of the weather and cleaned the balcony so it's ready to sit on again. Then the council or whatever they are called out here were going up the street pruning the trees. Their generator and chainsaw are a bit noisy but I can live with it. It seems to take them 1 hour for every tree though so they might be here for a while.

I took the time to look after the houseplants today too. pruning off all the bad and feeding and watering the good, moving them around and cleaning all the leaves. They certainly look a lot better. When we move I'm going to get loads of plants. I want to show off my gardening skills, inside and out.

Agnieszka came home in a bad mood. Owners not paying on time as usual. They have so much money and have no idea how much it effects us poorer people when they decide to send it 2-3 weeks late.

We had floods downstairs again. The landlord was there with some kind of a machine to try and suck it all up. I just left him to it. It's not our job to fix this stupid building. I can't wait to get a nice bigger place that I can really call home.

I've decided this stopping smoking just isn't a reality. I can't do it. The craving never seems to be going away. Sussie is coming tomorrow, I'll have to get some off her. I feel bad because Agnieszka is doing so well but I just am not as strong as her. Maybe I can cut right down but stopping entirely just doesn't seem like an option to me right now.

We got on to the subject of holidays again this evening. We do seem to both agree that Dubrovnik in Croatia would be lovely. Then we toyed with the idea of driving there, it's only about 700 miles. Then we thought about hiring a caravanette. That really got me excited. Oh how I've always wanted one of them. It would be great if we could ever afford one. I couldn't stop thinking of all the countries we could visit and stop for a while in on our way to and from Croatia. We could fit in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic all in one holiday!! That would be 7 new countries to add to my list!! I want to travel so much.  Then it hit home about us having a baby and I think it might have to be put on hold but it's certainly an idea stuck in my head now until it comes true.

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