19th January 2011

I've found another addiction, a new website, Stumbleupon.com. I could spend all day on it. Basically you customise your settings to the type of websites which interest you and click the stumble button for it to bring up random websites that you will like to read. I've trawled through hundreds this last few days and even added this blog to it.  Having said that, I really must spend less time on the computer and crack on with learning German and enjoying things outside this electronic box. 

I had a really bad migrane this morning. One where I just couldn't lift my head up. I put it down to lack of sleep (too long on the internet!), smoking again, change in the weather and staring at this screen too much. Luckily it slowly went after a nap and a few tablets. 

We watched Forest Gump tonight. I never get bored of it. It's right up there in my top 5 films of all time. It's certainly better than that Shining crap which I looked up today on IMDB.com and it was rated 8.5 out of 10!! That is the 49th best movie of all time WTF!!! Forest gump got 8.6, the 33rd best movie ever. I'd put it higher than that.

Agnieszka seems in a really good mood lately. She keeps making me laugh by referring to herself as 'us'. It's bay talk 24/7. Bless her. I need to start paying more attention and enjoying the moment with her. I hope we can get to the doctors soon to have the pregnancy confirmed and see what our next steps are. Neither of us have a clue about what to do here in Germany. There's an obsession creeping in about what she can eat and can't eat, morning sickness and symptoms. It seems the only symptom she has is that her breasts hurt and that she hates the smell of alcohol.

I had a couple of beers tonight which went down really well. I worked out that it's actually cheaper for me to drink beer at home rather than juices. It's about 40p a bottle where as a litre of juice is about 90p. I wonder if I can talk her into me sticking with beer in future. :-P

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