8th January 2011

The birds are singing :-) The thaw is definitely on with temperatures expected to hit double figures in much of Germany today. It's wonderful to feel that we aren't confined to our houses and wake up listening to the birds all getting excited because they think it's Spring.

We had a visit today from two men about fixing our oven. Some idiots, when making the oven, thought it would be a good idea  to fix the internal window with plastic catches. They melted, obviously. It sounds like a few people in the surrounding apartments have the same problem. They are going to get onto the manufacturers for us. At the moment we can only use the oven with the door slightly open so that the external window doesn't smash.

Shock of the year and probably my life!!!!!!! Agnieszka is pregnant!!!!!!!!!!! She came back from the stable and told me. I didn't believe her so she showed me the pregnancy test she had done that morning. We thought she couldn't have kids! Apparently she has tried for 18 years in previous relationships, never taking precautions in her life and has never managed to get pregnant. I come along and   she's pregnant after a month of living here. We are guessing that she's about six weeks gone but we need to get to a doctor to have everything confirmed. It is the last thing I expected and I don't really know what to think about it but seeing how happy Agnieszka is has made me think this could be a good thing.

Tomas was the first to know, even before me!! Eileen seemed excited and very shocked. I emailed my mum, dad and Craig with the news but none of them replied today. I'm dreading what they must think, three children with three different women isn't the best track record is it. Sussie wasn't impressed and after having a go at Agnieszka in German about it, Agnieszka quickly snapped and told her to stop spoiling our happy day. Things quickly calmed down and were ok again. I noticed Sussie talking German for most of the time she was here. I think it's a plan of hers to help me learn German but it won't help. I can't have a conversation with someone if they are insisting on talking in another language. Tomas is the same, he insists on speaking Polish around me all the time yet he can speak perfectly good English.

I started smoking again today :-( sorry. As soon as I heard the news I had to rush to the shop to get some cigarettes to calm me down.  I got one packet but plan on stopping again once they have gone.

Agnieszka surprised me tonight saying she was taking me to see Manchester United V Liverpool tomorrow. I'm so excited :-)

Agnieszka and her new vibrator.

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