4th January 2011

Well my bloody cold has become fully blown today. Getting lots of crap out of my system though so that can only be good. I can’t help wondering if it is related to me stopping smoking though. Agnieszkas pumping me lots of tablets, I have no idea what they are but they do seem to work for a few hours afterwards.

I remembered a picture of my Great Great Grandad James Lamb from the days of doing my family tree and was desperate to find it online where I may have put it on a website in the past. It had a horse in the picture and I wanted to see what the horse was like now that I know a little more about them. I found the picture (below) and the horse was huge!! That's the best photo I’ve ever found, I love it :-) .

Great Great Grandad James Lamb cc1890 Thornton

Agnieszka made me laugh again, one day she’ll think before she does something lol. She rang to order some straw for the horses and after talking on the phone for 5 minutes and getting rather annoyed at the guy on the other end of the phone for not knowing where to get the straw from that he was supposed to deliver, she realised she’d called the taxi company by accident.  What must that poor man have thought ha ha ha.

Sussie came today, she says she’s in love but he’ll probably be married or gay, bless her. It sounds like she doesn’t have the best of luck in love, maybe this time.

I spent quite a long time on German learning today. I found quite a useful set of German lessons on You Tube which I’m going to try and a good hour or two reading my GCSE German book. I try, I really try, but It just doesn’t seem to be sinking in. I learn something and within a few hours I’ve forgotten it again. Then I have Sussie and Agnieszka having a go at me because I haven’t learnt anything. I just seem to be fighting a losing battle. I am going to try harder this week but I just don’t think I can ever speak German without some proper lessons or help.  They expect me to be going to a job interview in two weeks. That is never going to happen at this rate. I won’t be bullied into going and making a fool of myself again. I will make a fool of myself when I’m ready to do so. I really have to get this language sorted though so I can work and integrate with everyone. I feel like an alien sometimes.

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