2nd January 2011

So today I was up early and went to the stables with Agnieszka. It’s the first time that just the two of us were there. Both Tomas’s were off today. Old Tomas because it’s Sunday and young Tomas because he worked yesterday whilst we were in bed with a hangover.

I was reluctant to go because I am now down to about 15 days worth of contact lenses which is scaring me a little. I will NOT leave the house without contacts and need to sort some new ones out urgently but we just haven’t got the money right now.  It was nice though, just me and Angieszka. I spent the whole time (about 3-4 hours) taking horses to and from the paddocks where they could have a run around. The rest of the time I took my favourite three horses to the field which is bigger than the paddocks and gives them more room to run around. It also gives me a great chance to take pictures and videos without any distractions.

I mentioned my favourite three horses so I guess I should go into a little more detail. Firstly there is Maximool. I rent him along with Agnieszka. He’s my first horse so he is very special to me. Everyone else in the stables seems to have a problem with him saying he can be naughty and jumps at them sometimes but he’s never been anything but lovely to me. I think I might be too soft with him but I don’t care, he’s lovely. Maximool is a baby, just one year old. So is my other favourite who is a beautiful chestnut horse called Baron. He is tiny so I hope he will grow quickly because he has a lovely temperament as you can see from the video below where he is having a good run around. Then there’s Mumboo who started racing last year so he will be two. Everyone loves Mumboo, he is just so soft and gentle, everyone thinks he’s a bit gay. So they are my favourites, all three of them stallions and fingers crossed, all three are going to win us some money this year or next.

I was in a bad mood when I got home. No reason for being that way, just not smoking. Things only got worse too. After watching a few films about serial killers (a common interest Agnieszka and me have) and then a very gruesome Sweeny Todd the laptop broke down! Only the second day into the new year and Agnieszkas favourite toy broke down on us!! Gutted!!  So as of tomorrow we are stuck on my old laptop which is a sorry sight. It has a big crack across the screen making it very hard to work on or watch anything on it and on top of that the disc drive doesn’t work.  The only consolation is that the computers are almost the same model so we just might be able to make one good one out of the two. Agnieszka’s has had it. It just went completely dead.



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