1st January 2011

Happy New Year!! Not that it is a very happy one. It’s not that I’m unhappy as such, it’s just the fact we are skint right now, hung over from last nights partying, and It’s the start of the usual January 1st ritual…stopping smoking!!!!  I don’t know why I try, it always ends in failure so why put myself through so much pain before finally giving in and lighting up again? Maybe this year will be different. Maybe this time next year I can honestly class myself as a non-smoker again for the first time in 21 years. Things are on my side this year, I have zero money, zero chance of getting any in the next week or two and my girlfriends stopped too. She seems stronger than I am and is being very understanding about my mood swings.

Anyway, why am I here? Well I needed a project. I get these ‘must have a project’ feelings quite often, but January 1st seems like as good a time as any. So what exactly am I doing? Well, I’m not sure yet. Firstly you are a diary, I want to record this year and fill it with all my years adventures, pictures and videos. I think I should concentrate on that for now and ho knows, if I keep up to it, maybe there’s a book in it at the end of the year. We will see, it might turn into a very boring year yet!

Not much to comment on today. As I say we are both struggling with a hangover. The house was a total mess when we woke up with a pile of dirty washing 3 feet hight and 6 feet wide but Agnieszka, the girlfriend, has been slowly wading through it and it should be gone in a couple of days. I keep tidying little bits each time I get up so we are slowly getting there, rather than having a cleaning session its a gradual thing.

What else happened today? Hmmm…..Oh…a Liverpool win :-) 2-1 against Bolton, that always brings me a smile. Then there was the phone call Agnieszka got from her mum saying how much all the family liked me! Agnieszka was told that she has to start doing more cleaning around the house if she wants to hold on to me. Ha ha ha, Go mum!!! I don’t think Agnieszka will ever be a tidy person but I do think I’m very slowly starting to get her to think about what she’s doing rather than just throwing things on the floor.
Our washing!!!!!!!

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