7th January 2011

After a slow start to the day I soon got cracking. I have been in a spring cleaning mood for the last few days now and I finally got a bit done. Agnieszka had a visit from some insurance man so I took that time scrubbing the kitchen tiles and hob. They've never looked as clean. As for the toilet, well, that was the first thing I noticed when I came here. The bottom of it was disgusting but just wouldn't clean. I finally found the guts to throw my hand down there with a Brillo pad and its certainly looking much better.

We had a marathon of This Is England today, watching the film followed by This Is England 86' TV series. I wasn't that impressed with it considering how much people were raving about it back in England. It was just a poor attempt at recreating Shameless as far as I could see.

There's a new rule starting in the house tomorrow. If you're not sleeping you wear a bra!! Why walk around all day holding your boobs up with your hands and hurting every time I happen to bump into them? There's no sense in that is there? I told Agnieszka I was sick of tripping over them because they were dragging on the floor, luckily she saw the funny side.

I'm starting to feel the effects from not smoking now and not all for the good. The cravings are much less but I'm near the end of my cold so the constant crap I'm blowing out from that and the phloem from my lungs is all adding up to a pretty disgusting sight right now. On top of that each cough is starting to hurt the lungs. I'm sure it will all be worthwhile in the end.

It was rumoured that Roy Hodgson was going to be sacked by Liverpool today. I was really hoping he would be and Kenny Dalgleish given the job he deserves. It turns out that Kenny isn't in the country till next week and Liverpool haven't even got a Managing Director at the moment so there's no one to make the decision!! So he still has the job for Sundays huge game away to Manchester United in the F.A. Cup 3rd round. I can't believe I'm going to miss it. I'm truly gutted. I have been looking forward to this since the draw was made but we have no money and I respect that so I'll just have to miss it. I wouldn't mind so much if I could hear it on a radio or something but I'll have to settle for updates from BBC sport on the Internet. Oh well, just make sure you win Liverpool!!!

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