6th January 2011

Happy Three Kings Day!! I've never heard of it but I do know that it means all the banks are shut over here today. It must be like a bank holiday. Today is also the day we have to take our Christmas trees and decorations down, I wonder if there's a connection. That's exactly what I did anyway, I took the tree down. It didn't look good when we got it and it certainly doesn't look good now with it's droopy branches. It was only about 3 foot tall. After taking the decorations off it I put it outside on the balcony to see if it comes around at all. Next year I'm choosing the tree.

I got out today...yay!! Only to Netto lol but at least it was out. We had no food so it was nice to get some bits in and stuff ourselves all day. My cravings aren't as bad as they were and my grumpiness seems to have mellowed a bit so hopefully I'm over the worst now. When I get a craving now I just have a Rivita cracker bread with potato salad on it or my latest joy, sticks of pretzels. You know the type, them pretzels you get at Xmas with bits of sea salt stuck to them about 1.5 inches big but these are just sticks about 20cms long. I'm treating them like cigarettes and smoking about 200 of them a day when I can. They are only 35 cents a bag!!!

It looks like the temperatures are starting to rise and the big thaw is on. They are predicting huge flood problems which I think must be inevitable given this is the largest amount of snow to fall in 120 years. I think it will be months though before these huge mounds of snow at the sides of the road disappear.

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