3rd January 2011

O.k. well waking up today without a cigarette was very hard, the hardest it’s been. I’m hoping the worst is almost over and it starts to get easier soon before I start shouting and smashing things.

When Agnieszka got back from the stables we watched a bit of Ski Jumping. They are mad for it over here in Germany and Poland. I’m guessing that’s because they are pretty good at it. I think England have had just one jumper in history..Eddie the Eagle who was famous worldwide for being the worst jumper ever.

Things are pretty desperate here at the moment. I just finished the last boiled sweets and have realised there’s nothing to eat in the house. We had a lovely meal today, a goulash made with buckwheat groats which apparently is an eastern european thing. They have them in Cornwall too. They were nice, didn’t taste of much but were a nice texture, a good alternative to rice and very good for you. Anyway, after eating that and then finishing off the rest at the end of the night with pasta I think it’s safe to say that we ain’t got anything left to eat!! Fingers crossed for a miracle tomorrow. When I stop smoking I turn to food and if I haven’t got that to turn to then I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I watched Agnieszka eating an apple earlier. The core was eaten!! The entire core!!!  I presumed she didn’t know because she wasnt watching what she was eating but after telling her, she said that’s where all the goodness is….yuck!!!
Then she made me laugh again. I started with a bit of a cold and my nose was running all afternoon. I was a bit worried about how much toilet paper we had. I explained that I needed 9 pieces per number 2 (4 x 2 folded pieces and one for the front) which she found odd that I have the same amount of paper each time I go. So she went on to explain that you only need 1 piece, she got one, stuck her finger through the middle of it and said that you stick it up and then wipe your finger as you’re pulling it back through the whole.  I laughed but I really do hope she was joking and doesn’t actually put that into practice!!! YUCK!!!

After watching a documentary on The Real Rainman who the film was based on (very interesting guy), the internet decided to stop loading films. We must be up to our connection limit for the month, very annoying!!  So an early night tonight, very early.

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