25th January 2011

Ouch. I feel terrible. My headache was a really bad one this morning. I went to the stable and stupidly forgot my tablets and so had to go through the pain all morning. I had to go, Max was still ill and I couldn’t leave Agnieszka to do it all alone.  I admit the drinking last night didn’t help the headache but I refuse to accept that is the reason behind it.  My head was thumping, I felt dizzy, faint, sick and tired and just wanted to go home but couldn’t because the dentist came to look at the horses teeth and we had to wait for him. He seemed a really nice bloke. Patrick was Irish and said he knows an English builder who has lots of English guys working for him and might have some work for me. He’s going to have a word with him and see what he says. Any work will do me right now. Agnieszka isn’t keen because it would mean not learning German whilst around English guys and I wouldn’t be able to help in the stables. I think there’s another reason too and that is that she’s scared I’m going to be drinking with the lads all the time after work. She might have a good reason to worry about that knowing what I’m like.

I walked Iris’ horse Stinky this morning. It’s nice meeting new horses because every horse has a different character just like people do. You get used to each horse and get to know their habits, manners and moods. Stinky is a lovely horse. I always thought from a distance that he was a pretty boring and lazy looking horse but on close inspection he is lovely. Iris clearly looks after him well with his immaculate socks and blanket on and very well brushed. He’s about 8 years old but seemed to be scared at the slightest of noise. I’ve said I’ll happily look after him if they ever want to go for a holiday.
One good thing came out of this morning. Roman stopped me at the stables and said Hertha Berlin on Sunday. It turns out I am going with him and Tomas to watch the match!! My first German match and it's the team I'd planned on supporting out here. I got excited and thought I was going to the Olympic Stadion which is Herthas home ground and where the World Cup final was held when Germany hosted it last. It turns out that we are just off to watch it in a bar but what the hell, a match is a match and I’m still excited. I wonder who they are playing.

Once we got home I just had my tablet and a long bath before going straight to sleep for about 3 hours. After some nice tuna pasta I was feeling a bit better and spent the night relaxing with a little Stumble Upon and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in the background. There’s some blonde German model on it that has just walked out of the jungle. The rest of the contestants hated her so much that they demanded that she goes or they all go because they couldn’t stand being with her anymore.

I sent an email to the personnel manager at UPS today pretty much begging him to give me a chance. UPS might be my only chance now otherwise we could well be heading to Sweden to live. The thing is UPS is even more suitable right now because of the hours being 5-8am. I could then still have time to go to the stables afterwards to help Agnieszka, especially now that she’s pregnant. I’m definitely going to be needed there when her bump starts showing. Failing UPS or us not getting a few more horses to train in the next month or so for extra money then I think we might just be left with no choice but Sweden where Agnieszka is confident we can both get work easily. I do love Sweden but after being there in November last year, I am still a little faint from the price of a beer being around £8!!!! Can I live with that?

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