24th January 2011

Max sent an e-mail saying he was ill today so I went to do his work. I seem to go every Monday now anyway, that’s when there’s the most work to do because the horses aren’t cleaned out on a Sunday. I only did a couple of horse boxes and soon got a sweat on. I realised just how hard it is and started feeling a little sorry for Agnieszka having to do that every day. Roman popped into the stable today. He’s from Slovenia I think but them, Czechs and Poles all understand each others language. It turns out he’s a Liverpool fan too so we found a common ground. He used to work for our stable but it turns out he had a drink problem and kept turning up to work drunk. He’s working just a few stables away now and seems a nice enough bloke.

I ran out of cigarettes today so Tomas took us to get 200 from the Chinese where he’d got some before. I was expecting a house somewhere but was shocked when he took us to the far end of a Netto car park where there was a tiny Chinese girl sat on a chair shivering to death. She went to get us 200 Palace which we’d never heard of but a smoke was a smoke as far as I was concerned and it turned out that they aren’t that bad. She fetched them from 50 metres behind her from under a bush!! Poor sod, what kind of a life is that sat getting cold all day just to make a few cents on a packet of cigarettes. They only cost 1.80 euros so she can’t be making that much on them surely.

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